Job title Weld Shop Manager
Education: None
Duration Regular Hire
Work week Full-time
Experience: Requires 10 years of experience in welding involving PTA (plasma transfer arc applications) and hardface material. Must be a certified welder (any foreign or domestic welding certification is accepted).

Requires skills and experience in the following: Utilizing hardband welding techniques as well as specialized application of hardface material; Utilizing PTA (plasma transfer arc application) for oilfield products; Running programmable PTA welding equipment; Operating and programming robotic weld equipment; Project management as a Welding Manager; Reading Blueprints and engineering fabrication drawings; Working knowledge of metal fabrication welding environment; Working knowledge of material specifications, exotic metals and metallurgical background of hard metal, stainless steel, and carbon steel; and Knowledge of safety requirements and OSHA standards.

Job duties: Plan, coordinate and manage personnel in the performance of their job duties and maintain machinery upkeep. Ensure safe work conditions in a clean environment while providing motivational leadership to the staff. Supervise and coordinate activities of welding staff in the PTA or wire hard banding welding of parts, grinding operations, and other welding procedures and operations as required. Perform operation and maintenance of robotic welding machinery. Apply specialized application of hardface material utilizing plasma transfer arc (PTA) welding. Analyze work orders, read blueprints to determine supplies and processes, schedule jobs and sequence of operations required. Inspect work to ensure specified standards and quality control. Hire, train, evaluate, or discharge staff or resolve grievances. Prepare and maintain department production records. Responsible for the requisition of weld supplies, PTA powders, and gases. Set up equipment for trial or experimental weld, test runs and experimental processes. Works closely with engineering manager to develop and improve welding processes, procedures in hard facing and exotic metals. Stay up to date with new techniques and or materials used in hard banding technologies. Train, supervise, and coordinate activities in the hardband weld process. Inspect work to ensure quality standards are met.
Position directly supervises 3-5 welders.

Please Apply online at [email protected].