The Rival Friction Reduction Tool (Rival FRT) is a downhole friction reduction technology that, when paired with a Shock Tool, creates an axial oscillation along the drill string to increase steering efficiency, rates of penetration, and practical reach in drilling and completion operations.

Key Differentiating Features of the Rival FRT Design:

– The utilization of proven drilling motor style thrust and radial bearings improves run reliability and component life predictability.
– Rolling thrust bearings versus sliding thrust bearings reduce friction over the course of a run, improving life of valve system.
– Placement of the valve above the power section improves shape and effect of pressure pulse.

Tool Size (OD) 2-7/8″ 5-1/8″ 7-1/8″
Overall Length 87″ 132″ 183″
Weight 95 lbs 525 lbs 1200 lbs
Recommended Flow Range 126-168 gpm 350 gpm 700 gpm
Temperature Range 300˚F 340˚F 340˚F
Operating Frequency 6.5 Hz@136gpm 8 Hz@300gpm 10 Hz@600gpm
Operating Average Pressure 1200 psi* 600 psi* 625 psi*
Operating Pressure Spike 1000 psi* 400 psi* 500 psi*
Max Pull (pooh 90%) 180,000 lbs  660,000 lbs  1,350,000 lbs
Max Pull (rerun 65%) 130,000 lbs  475,000 lbs  1,000,000 lbs
Connections 2-3/8″ PAC 3-1/2″ IF




4-1/2″ IF

Rival FRT Value and Benefits:

  • Improves sliding ability and tool face control for steering operations.
  • More efficient weight transfer to bit reduces stick slip and increases ROP.
  • Reduces drill pipe buckling.
  • Use two Rival FRT’s in a tandem application for extended reach wells.
  • The Rival FRT can be run in oil-based mud and hot hole, high temperature applications.
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