The JOLT Tool™ is a downhole friction reduction technology that creates an axial oscillation along the drill string to increase steering efficiency, practical reach, and rate of penetration. The JOLT Tool has a high-frequency pulse signature creates maximum drill-string excitation while also being the most MWD-friendly.

The JOLT FX adds optional downhole flow activation creating the industry’s first and only on-demand high-frequency friction reduction tool.

Key Features:

  • Tools operates via a high-speed power section driving a valve actuating a shock tool
  • Hertz range of 17-21
  • Optimized to reduce downhole friction via axial oscillations generated by a pressure pulse
  • Optimized for higher flow rates
  • Designed with larger ODs for premium connections
  • Dedicated 6.5” tool available for 7 7/8” hole


  • The JOLT FX is the only on-demand friction reduction tool with 1/2 power section configuration.
  • The JOLT FX ships in the off-position and is activated downhole.
  • To activate, briefly raise flow rate to pre-determined target on or off-bottom.
  • Instantaneous Activation. No ball or dart needed.
  • Two JOLT FX tools can be run in tandem with the same or different flow activation targets.
Tool Size (OD) 5 1/8″ JOLT 6 1/2″ JOLT 7 1/8″ JOLT
Overall Length 120″ 12″ 123″
Weight 460 lbs 800 lbs 860 lbs
Max Flow Rate 350 gpm 700 gpm 700 gpm
Max Temperature 320˚F 320˚F 320˚F
Operating Frequency 15 Hz@300gpm 15 Hz@300gpm 17 Hz@600gpm
Operating Average Pressure 500-600 psi 500-625 psi 500-625 psi
Max Pull (pooh 90%) 515,000 lbs 900,000 lbs  1,350,000 lbs
Max Pull (rerun 65%) 370,000 lbs  650,000 lbs  1,000,000 lbs
Connections 3-1/2″ IF & Premium Connections 4-1/2″ IF 4-1/2″ IF & Premium Connections