The Rival Performance Drilling Motor (Rival PDM) is the most advanced line to date of Ashmin patented mud lube bearing technology. The Rival PDM is designed to exceed downhole performance and reliability requirements in all applications. We’ve partnered with the industry leading powersection manufacturers to ensure our customers can count on their Rival PDM. We continuously advance our motor platform into thru tubing applications with the Rival PDMct and incorporate percussion drilling with the Rival Hammer Drill Motor (Rival HDM and HDMct).

Key Features:

  • PDMct sizes of 2.88″, 3.13″ and PDM sizes of 5.12″, 7.12″ and 8.5″
  • HDMct sizes of 2.88″, 3.13″ and HDM sizes of 7″ and 8.5″
  • Expanded ID of PDM housings to incorporate higher torque transmissions
  • Adjustable-bend PDM build rates typical of industry’s fixed-bend motor offering
  • Conventional, hard rubber & EvenTek® powersections

Customer Benefits:

  • Improved performance and ROP via higher performance motor platform
  • Increased reliability via “no trip” design and maintenance philosophy
  • Support from industry leading Ashmin Engineering

Here is our motor Handbook.

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