Rival’s Performance Drilling Motor (Rival PDM) is the most advanced line of Ashmin patented Mud-Lubricated bearing technology. We’ve partnered with industry-leading power section manufacturers to ensure our customers can count on cutting edge torque and performance.

The Rival PDM is designed to exceed downhole performance and reliability requirements in all applications including straight motor Rotary Steerable BHAs. We continuously optimize our motor platform for RSS performance and currently drill more Motor-Assisted RSS footage than any other motor technology in US Land.

Key Features:

Power Sections

  • New 7.25” & 5.25” high torque configurations
  • Wide range of torque and speed options across all sizes
  • Multiple high flow options available


  • Extensive fleet and designs to allow for optimized drivelines in all applications
  • Use of advance geometries and alloys to meet today’s torque demands

Lower Ends

  • Patented robust mud lubricated bearing assembly with industry-leading MTBF
  • New patent-pending RSM mud lubricated motor with 0% bypass for RSS applications
  • Wide range of IB, screw-on, and slick stabilization options
  • 4.75”, 6.75” and 7.75” available for unique hole sizes
  • Dual Stabilized motors, customizable for any application with options for 2nd stabilizer on, above, or below power section

Customer Benefits:

  • Mud lubrication fleet with industry-leading MTBF
  • Improved performance and ROP via higher performance motor platform
  • Increased reliability via “no trip” design and maintenance philosophy
  • Rapid, continuous support from industry leading, in-house Ashmin Engineering team

Here is our motor Handbook.

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Calculate Compression FIT for Single and Range Temp.

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