Rival’s Stick-Slip & Torsional Oscillation Reduction and Mitigation Tool aka the STORM TOOL is designed to mitigate drilling dysfunction in rotary steerable system (RSS) applications.

While drilling with a motor-assisted RSS, the BHA becomes self-excited as the drill bit cutting structure engages with the formation, and the motor responds to torque demands creating drilling dysfunction. Unmitigated, these cycles reduce the predictability of drilling operations and increases RSS costs.

The STORM Tool decouples the motor from the RSS & drill bit axially while its internal mechanism absorbs damaging torque oscillations within the BHA.

By interrupting torque oscillation cycles, the frequency and severity of shock & vibration events are reduced.

The STORM Tool is WOB independent, and its fixed-length maintains drill bit depth-of-cut, protecting the cutting structure and improving bit life and interval ROP.


  • Tool placed directly below motor in RSS BHA
  • Torque oscillations converted into axial movement of WOB independent mass
  • No axial displacement of outer housing
  • Dampening effect to absorb mechanical energy (shock absorption)
  • Minimizes drilling dysfunction by axially decoupling the RSS from the drilling motor


  • Reduction in shock & vibration mitigates damages & improves well delivery consistency
  • Tool maintains bit depth-of-cut protecting cutting structure to drill faster & farther
  • Compatible with all RSS tools regardless of MWD placement
Overall Length 147 in 199 in
Body OD 5.125 in 7.125 in
Mandrel Pin OD 5.125 in 6.750 in
Pass Through ID 1.190 in 1.630 in
Stroke Zero (no expansion) Zero (no expansion)
Weight 730 lbs. 1,960 lbs.
Recommended Hole Sizes 6 to 6-3/4 8-1/2 to 9-7/8
Bottom Connection NC-38 (3-1/2 IF Pin or XT-39 Pin) NC-50 (4-1/2 IF) Box,
4-1/2 Reg, or 5-1/2 FH Pin
Top Connection NC-38 (3-1/2 IF) Box or XT-39 Box NC-50 (4-1/2 IF) Box, 4-1/2 Reg, or 5-1/2 FH Box
Recommended Operating Limits
Max Overpull, POOH 400,000 lbs 816,000 lbs
Max Temperature 400°F 400°F
Performance Details
Diff Pressure (8.3 ppg, 400 gpm) 110 psi 195 psi
Operating Torque 2,500 to 11,800 ft-lbs 5,000 to 24,000 ft-lbs
Maximum Torque 13,000 ft-lbs 32,000 ft-lbs
Flow Range 100-400 gpm 300-750 gpm
RPM Limits with Max Dog Leg
Dog Leg (°/100 ft) Max RPM Max RPM
< 4 450 450
8 410 410
10 400 400
12 360 360
14 300 300
16 120 120
>18 No Rotation No Rotation

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