Third Party Engineering Services

From beginning to end, Rival can help you develop, analyze, design, draft, manufacture, test and sustain custom, top-tier downhole drilling and thru tubing tools that help you succeed. We have over 15 years of experience engineering reliable technologies for the toughest environments. We commit roughly 60% of our resources to R&D. For our customers this means opportunities to:

– Obtain exclusivity, IP rights and/or first-to-market opportunities on Ashmin-engineered products
– Leverage our experience to develop your ideas faster and with an unbiased perspective
– Design, manufacture, test and commercialize through one partner

Designing a tool for commercial production takes experience. Our experience includes:

– Designing to the latest industry guidelines and standards
– Investing in industry-leading software and training, e.g. Autodesk Inventor and Simulation Mechanical (FEA), Pro-E, Adept and SolidWorks
– Collaborating with preferred vendors to reduce manufacturing time and cost
– Developing Manufacturing Plans and Operations, Repair and Maintenance manuals
– Product life-cycle cost estimating
– Hands-on testing, rework, redesign, servicing and sustaining by the engineers that designed it

Field Simulated Testing

Prior to taking a prototype to your customer’s well, test it against field-simulated conditions.

We can simulate pressures, temperatures, speeds and wear rates, all at a single facility with the support of our full service location. Let us design, manufacture and operate custom test fixtures or use one of our existing fixtures already on hand.

Our test rig physically simulates the downhole Weight-on-Bit (WOB) conditions using a nitrogren charged coil tubing system. It can be operated horizontally or vertically and uses integrated sensors with a digital acquisition system to measure pressure, flow rate, position, impact, load, etc. Operational specifications include:

– Up to 120 GPM and 1,200 psi
– Max WOB of 10,000 lbs
– 1-11/16” to 3-3/4” size tools
– Capable of drilling vertically or horizontally in any media
– Test motors, CT tools, hammers, and vibrating, setting, and fishing tools

Our radial bearing tester simulates downhole conditions at up to 105 RPM with a 1,600 lbs controlled side loading force. Since 2010 we’ve tested +120 unique bearing materials to select the optimal combination of binder materials and tiles. Let us test your bearings to understand and optimize wear performance.

Determine the fatigue of downhole tools and tubing while rotating in the curve.

– Standard 3-pt bend or ISO 4-pt bend
– Variable 1 to 30 rpm
– Simulates Build Up Rates with radiuses down to 27’ (210˚/100’)
– Up to 7” diameter test articles

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